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Goodbye Summer

gone are the days of finding turtles in the garden, back to the days of quick lunches, verbals, playground duty, and teaching young minds

I may not have met all of my goals for the summer, but my classroom is ready and that calls for a happy dance! I can officially go look at the new building on Monday, and I could not be more ecstatic. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about the start of the new year. This summer was so relaxing – full of yoga, gardening, trashy tv, kitty snuggles, and the idea of books that I should be reading (in all honesty, I read 2 and a half) – and I wasn’t sure I was ready to give that up until I heard the new school was ready. That sealed the deal.

I have spent the summer pondering classroom setups, classroom themes, classroom jobs, read alouds, the works. Early on I settled on a Reading Rainbow theme (80s babies rejoice!) I am still deciding on whether to go with a board that looks more like this with copies of book covers or if I should make the board interactive. I am leaning toward an interactive board that allows students to post on the rainbow when they finish a book.

Another addition to my room this year will be a word wall. My 6th graders last year had an extremely difficult time with parts of speech. The word wall will allow students to post new words into categories and will serve as a visual reminder when needed. We will do this when learning new vocab words and when discussing specific parts of speech. I introduced a word wall last year with adjectives and adverbs, and it was wildly successful.

Lastly, I plan to include classroom jobs this year. The idea that I keep coming back to is to have “at bat” and “on deck” – but I can’t have two themes in one classroom, can I? The jobs that I know I need are:

  • tech support (helps pass out, collect, plug in chromebooks) – 2 students per class
  • librarian (straightens books, checks in/out books) – 2 student per class
  • white board team (updates agenda, erases board) – 2 students per class
  • teacher assistant (collects papers, passes back papers, fills in absentee binder) – 2 students per class
  • supply team (passes out materials and collects materials) – 2 students per class

What are you planning for the new year? Any big changes? Anything you’re super excited for? I can’t believe summer’s almost over, but I’m so excited for the year to start!




I'm currently teaching middle school English and loving every minute of it. My favorite moments in the classroom are overhearing my students discussing their most recent library find. My current "to-read" list is a mile long, and I'm am working my way through it. There are so many great YA books out there! Next up is either Book Thief or 5th Wave, both [highly] recommended my my kiddos. Happy reading!!

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