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Quilts, Cupcakes, and Kitties

With the free time that I have stumbled into this summer, I have found
myself searching for projects. I had forgotten what it was like to just sit. I had forgotten what I even used to fill my time with. And then the projects started rolling in. I rekindled my love affair with quilting, a romance that has dwindled in the past 2 years. I discovered where the phrase “grew like weeds” originated while working in the garden. I once again baked cupcakes and cookies. I found myself at yoga on a Monday morning. And, on top of the list of projects (and occasionally cleaning the house), I still found time to just sit.

In my rush to finish my masters and my drive for perfection within my classroom, I had lost a sense of what I needed to re-energize. I had forgotten how creativity, manual labor, and the sweet scent of baked goods can heal a soul. This summer I have been reminded how important it is to take time for me, for my interests. I have been shown how much happier and productive I am if I do something for myself.

All to often during the school year, I found myself up before the sun to prep my classroom and materials. Not only that, but I also found myself grading, planning, printing, and emailing well into the evening. And if I was not doing one of those tasks, I was mulling over my lessons and procedures, worrying that I had not reached every student. I had dreams about IEPs and nightmares about adverbs and adjectives. My sleep was restless because I was not able to turn off.

So far this summer, however, I have felt rested every morning. My grammar nightmares have ceased, and the only thing disrupting my sleep is a hungry, cuddly, curious kitty. Her favorite thing to do is wrestle toes, jump in and out of boxes, and watch birds from the windowsill.


a girl and her box

Next year I plan to take more time for me and my family. I can only be my best self if I have time to unwind, re-energize, and let the creative juices flow. I don’t know that I will find time to quilt once the school year starts, but those cupcakes and cookies will be a monthly, if not weekly, occurrence (trust me, gluten free baked goods CAN be delicious!) In the last few months of school, I began to make a schedule for myself with grading and planning goals. These goals allowed me to stay more focused on the reality of what I could accomplish. I still worried, pondered, and adjusted plans at night, but no longer did I fret over a stack of ungraded papers. This schedule and goal list is a step in the right direction. I don’t know if I will ever be able to completely leave it all at school, but I will strive to focus more on what I enjoy in my time off.




I'm currently teaching middle school English and loving every minute of it. My favorite moments in the classroom are overhearing my students discussing their most recent library find. My current "to-read" list is a mile long, and I'm am working my way through it. There are so many great YA books out there! Next up is either Book Thief or 5th Wave, both [highly] recommended my my kiddos. Happy reading!!

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